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  1. Tommy McDonell

    Thank you so much. I could not figure out how to or where the printing tray was at all. Wifi setting up is a snap but not the tray !

  2. That's weeeiiirrrrdddd about the page order thing! Mine was giving me trouble with the loading the paper in the dock 2 tray, I was trying to print on sticker paper. Thanks for the demo!

  3. TVlesliearnelle

    great update . thank you

  4. Thanks for providing an update! 

  5. scrappinfriend

    I own a canon selphy 900 and I love it !! Thanks for sharing your view on the epson

  6. Thank you for the review. My original PictureMate printer just quit on me so I was in the process of trying to decide between the Epson's Charm or the Epson's Show printers. Good luck on the birth of your little girl! I can tell that you and your husband will be wonderful parents!