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  1. Hi Anthony, Thanks for the review. I have just bought the Pixma Pro 1 and have found exactly what you found – some of the landscape shots came out a little darker than on my monitor. I wondered if it was because I haven't calibrated my monitor yet (a job soon to be done), but this video suggests it is perhaps a feature of the Pixma Pro 1. But overall, I am absolutely delighted with the overall quality of prints I can produce from the Pro 1 – stunning. While I am here, I also have watched your videos on Adobe Lightroom 6, and they are superb – so much so that even though they are freely available on YouTube, I went and bought them for my Ipad!

    Great job!

  2. Hi, thanks for the video very helpful, I was wondering if you set up a printer profile via a colorimeter for the Epson and Canon, or was it default settings only?

    Many thanks,
    Eddie & Josh

  3. Stay far away from Canon products. Shoddy trash designed to malfunction after the warranty ends.

  4. one of the best review I saw, Congrats and thank you for explain so well every detail!!

  5. Great video. As a graphic designer of 20 years, I always pay as much attention to software as hardware with these printers. The bottom line is current Canon printers have awful software for Macs. To the point you may end up ripping your hair out getting the printer to behave as it should with the computer. Personally I would not advise anyone buying an A3+ ink jet unless you are seriously going to print from every ink colour every week. If you don't, the ink WILL dry out in the head and eventually destroy the head completely. Save your money and go to your local print shop. A good analogy is buying a dog. Don't do it unless you are prepared to walk it every day.

  6. Hi Anthony
    I use to have years ago a Canon P9000 (dye inks) that was quite expensive to run with its small six carts that never gave me great prints, and even with a calibrated monitor, and it ended with the heads so clogged that the printer went to garbage because I couldn't find any head replacement. Two years ago, I purchased an epson stylus pro 3880 (9X80 ml carts), and I couldn't believe my eyes when the first prints came out of the printer. Yes this printer is prone to head clog that can destroy it but with the proper maintenance it will give you years (5+) of great satisfaction. In theses two years I never had a single real head clog needing a ''head cleaning'', just every few weeks a "nozzle check" is necessary and its all done automatically, and cleaning the capping station every few months. Epson is not giving any clues to its users on how to do maintenance on your printer, but you can find on internet so many videos showing you how to maintain it to avoid severe problems. I also have switched to non OEM inks (1/3 the cost) with great success, seeing no difference in the output quality of the prints, and not more clogging than with the OEM. The inks are encapsulated inks, I suspect all printer manufacturers are not making any money and probably they are loosing money on their printers, but the money is in the inks they sell you at outrageous price (9X 73$cdn +Taxes for 80 ml carts). I am sure the canon printers are excellent printers, and its a big plus to be able to have replacement heads (350$) that can be installed by the owner. One important thing to remember to avoid problems such as head clogging, is that all printers need to print regularly (every few weeks) in a non dust environment with a good amount of humidity specially in winter.
    Happy printing

  7. Thank you for this video very helpful. I was thinking of p800 but I dont know ifits any better than p600?

  8. I don't want to have anything to do with Canon. Had the i9900. Beautiful printer when it worked. Then it gave you blinking light code, and that's it. No solution. Threw the shit out. Canon, you won't see a $1 from my pocket.

  9. nice review ! nice guy !

  10. Art of Women Photography

    To correct you. The canon ink tanks are 36ml and are full when you get the printer. It does use between a 1/3 to 1/2 of the ink tanks level with the first set of ink tanks as it uses the ink the fill the ink lines and to prime the printhead. This only happens with the fist set of ink tanks. When you replace ink tanks they will show full.

  11. Brent Armanasco – Australia
    Merry Christmas Anthony and many thanks for your videos. Thjey are most helpful.

  12. Nice review, though the comparison should be made between the Epson P600 and the Canon Pro-10 (almost same price), not the Pro-1. Also, the Epson can use sheet paper, to make super wide prints, I don't think the Canon can do that.

  13. Great video , nice to see you in person . Thanks Anthony for taking the time to spread your knowledge.

  14. Thanks for your time Tony. Merry Christmas

  15. Thanks Tony, very informative. Merry Christmas from England.

  16. Someone voiced a complaint about the videos jumping around too much.
    Stay your course. The teaching videos are singularly excellent. thank you so much.

  17. As always, thorough, clear and correct! Thank you for your generous sharing of your knowledge and hard earned expertise. I love your videos!
    I have used both and agree with all your comments. One thing I would add is that my canon pixma 9500 does not like generic paper OR inks. One or the other or both foul the print heads.

  18. Great videos Mr. Morganti. I've learned a lot about Lightroom from your easy to follow instructions. I do have a question…..
    When I adjust my "black" slider in the Basic Panel, the back turns blue. How to I correct this?
    Thank you