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  1. could you explain about the icc profile, and how all work…

  2. What's your opinion on using 3rd party inks and refills? According to some blogs 3rd party inks can prolong the life of your printer. Every time your printer inks get changed, your printer does a purge cycle. This uses inks, but also purges ink carts you didn't change. That's wasteful. The way around it is to use 3rd party inks.

    So every time you do a change, you change out all your inks to fresh ones. They get purged, and the old ones get topped up. The upshot from all this is the printer only does one purge cycle per single cart change vs. purging multiple times on the unchanged set of inks when you do single cart changes. A lot less purges = less inks used = longer life.

    What's your thoughts on using 3rd party inks? I would use good 3rd party inks for longevity alone if it's an inkjet you really like. Price is secondary for me.

  3. have you ever heard of octa print?? i heard there are some print makers using 8 diff black inks in one printer to make better detailed bw print…

  4. In the Epson iPrint app, there is an option for borders for each pic you want to print (EpsonConnect or locally).

  5. Why do you talk soooo fast waw

  6. Ted, Epson always says that their printers don't print transparencies but little google search shows otherwise. People successfully printed on trans on Epson and made Carbon transfers. Also check this http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/545009-REG/Pictorico_PICT35011_Premium_OHP_Transparency_Film.html

    hopefully we can see an episode from u soon about digital negs

  7. Very good review…I am ready to step up my game to this type printer…thank  you!

  8. Great video Ted! Thanks!

  9. Great, this has been a bone of contention for some time, I've struggled to print my work and I'm a photography student. Think I need to print my own work…first get a printer. Pleased to find your site. Thanks!

  10. What the cost per print come out to, especially compared to pro lab printing? When I last looked it up, a few years ago, it was 3 to 4x more costly to print at home on inkjet when compared to giving the work to a photo lab; and that was even before amortization of the printer itself.

  11. great video and its pushed me towards the p600 but may i ask what tripod you have there in the background?

  12. CanonWildlifeBrkshre

    canon printer ad for Epson printer video youtube stop confusing me

  13. A timely video, thanks Ted.

  14. Hi Ted,

    I'm interested to print photo at home since i'm not satisfied by classical solutions (website, or cheap printers). I ask this week if a photography laboratory can print one of my pics. Its job was okay by the price a bit high for the result.
    So I got several question after watching your video :
    – What are main criteria to choose a printer (dpi, number of color, paper format) ? I don't think size or speed are important …
    – Do you know other good printers ?
    – Why not by a cheaper printer ? Not something like 100$ but around 400$ ?
    – How much do you estimate the price for a photo with this one ?
    – How do you manage the different size of paper in your printer ? Do you use a paper roll ?

    By the way, great videos, great pictures !

  15. Dawid “Grendel” Krysiak

    500 GBP for a printer, 100 GBP for a set of inks…. Bloody expensive

  16. This is like completely off topic as far as this video goes, but I really love the look of that table.

  17. I found the video interesting and helpful. Thanks.

  18. Good topic, Ted.

  19. Occasionally, I am asked why I print so many of my images. My answer has always been as such; When I got into photography, I was consuming more of it than producing. I started with Nat Geo subscriptions, Life, and less known fine art mags. From an early age, I experienced photography as a tactile medium. Photographs were on paper, prints. Seeing images in a screen, of any size, came much later. The convenience of having a image displayed on a website or iPhone is just that, a convenience. Storing images digitally hasn't replaced the tactical awesomeness of a print, for me at least. Seeing my A2-sized prints for my upcoming touring exhibit today was a most excellent experience. I recommend having your images printed more than just occasionally.

  20. Thanks Ted! I recently ordered one of these printers after watching the first parts of that Ben Long video on Lynda. I signed up for your free trial offer and forgot to cancel it. Ha. Anyways I wouldn't be printing (or using the dark room.. occasionally) without your guidance. Great video as always. I look forward to more of your thoughts on printing. Cheers.