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  1. I would really like to own one. Great review.

  2. Is it better quality rather than Epsom stylus pro 4900?

  3. hj Greg,I had a problem with epson p800 printer. could you introduce me how to reset tonner? and chipset not get tonner? you can send your idea to my email : sale03.xuanhuy@gmail.com . Thank you very much for your help!

  4. Milan Antanasijevic

    Did this printer can print on PVC foil for press ?

  5. does the heads clogs?

  6. Hi Greg, I'm working on a booklet which will require duplex printing. I've looked through my p800 user guide and can't seem to find a way to automatically or manually setup duplex printing. Would you happen to know a work around?

  7. Disney Universal

    Hi Greg. Great video. You have helped me make my mind up. Just one thing, I intend using canvas on a roll for 16×20 prints and also an 8" roll for 10x8s etc. How do you cut the roll? Do you rewind it, or move it forward to cut? Thanks for the video and advice!

  8. Would like to here more about image quality. How does the same image look printed with different printers, what do you see that looks better.
    Thanks Gregory

  9. Good review.

  10. Hey Greg, the colorfastness reference is news for this model. Can you share a link? Thanks for the Review!