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  1. Where can I buy the canvas for the SC-P800?

  2. Hot Air Balloon Over The Lake I think that it is brilliant! Maybe in a hundred years computers will have evolved to the point where they actually can do a quality print like that visual justice? I guess I will never know, unless I live to be a hundred and [cough cough] twenty-nine. :)

  3. Eccentric Smithy

    10 minutes into the review of this printer, no review of it yet…

  4. Can you please explain why the higher model P800 has only 2880×1440 dpi and the lower models P600 and P400 has 5760x1440dpi resolution? I don't believe P800 has lower quality?

  5. I totally agree with your comments about B&H. Love the canvas shot, but I thought your print was lacking "blacks" compared to your screen shot of the same.

  6. Gromov Photography

    you have a pager ? hhhmm

  7. haha now that extatic smile in the thumbnail makes sense!