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  1. Great Information Greg

  2. Clinton Gallagher

    AIrheads didn't show or talk about the CD/DVD disk printing tray

  3. Love when a guy like this one knows his shit!!! And love his comment at the end.. "i use a little… ahhhh DJI Inspire One"… That not really a small cheap ass drone :)

  4. Greg, i have a question on the Epson P400; what is the maximum sheet size support? And does it support premium solvent gloss translit materials.


  5. There is a Canon Pro-1000 out now that spec wise may beat the Epson.  How about a review of this printer?

  6. Which printer will give you the best blacks?

  7. I wish the camera man would of zoomed in to the prints to get an up close look,thanks for sharing Greg👍🏼

  8. When he says the P400 is for the Mirrorlesss/Drone/DSLR-Kit group, he is discrediting the Sony A7 series/Fuji mirrorless users. Making it seem like all mirrorless is low end. Heck even the EM1 users should feel slighted.