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  1. Hường Phạm

    Hello . I am Vietnamese . His problems with the speed of the machine Photocopy L850 . I want to set the mode Faster Photocopying . Thank you!

  2. and for your next reviews, please be sure to record it without echo.

  3. and for your next reviews, please be sure to record it without echo.

  4. hello, i really loved your review.
    i have a question.
    what is the difference in quality between epson l810 and epson l850?
    The technical specifications of both are almost the same. l810 is available at a lower cost, i am a little confused which one to go for.
    help please.

  5. I stopped the video before the 30 second mark because i cannot understand a word you are saying. Having a foreign accent is perfectly fine, but when you speak at 500 words per minute that only you can understand is ridiculous.

  6. Hirak Choudhary

    Sir, what is the difference between L810 and L850, please reply the price difference on the website is only 1,000 but there is no difference specified

  7. Varsa Technologies


  8. so nic …………l850 good

  9. how to set up pvc card tray in l850 and where can i get the software or drivers

  10. voice quality very poor. when you are reviewing a product technically and talking about it, you could have made sure you talk with a clear pronunciations and proper pace. Being Indian I know you cant help your with your accent, neither i can. But least clarity was expected …at least in last 25% section of your vdo.