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  1. Is the paper tray the only feed? We use a lexmark currently for A4 shrink plastic (thick card) but i think this could be problematic with this printer. I need to find a printer that doesnt have a sharp bend in the printing route any advice??

  2. Shikesh Sorathia

    Hello Dave, hope you're doing awesome! :) Firstly, great review with a lot of indepth insight. I'd just like to ask a question about the ink cartridges. How long does each exactly last? I've read reviews that this printer takes a lot of ink in a short amount of time, is that true?

  3. it's strange if you copy a photo to a flash drive it will print it but if copy a text file to the flash it will not print it. it's not just peculiar to this model but all of them,if you scan and save to flash drive it is saved as a picture and can not be manipulated like text file.

  4. Claudio Pescatore

    Thank you for this review, and the other fellows as well.

  5. Hiya, Thankyou for the above video very interesting. Is it easy to print A3 paper, is this done per an individual sheet. Is there much difference between this model and the J5620DW. I print about 20 a4 and 10 A3 a month is the M53 the better option. Thank you, John

  6. great review – thank you

  7. Great video Dave. I have one of these and while it is fast, relatively quiet and packed with features I confess to being massively disappointed with the colour print from file quality. Straight copies are a little better but prints from file are terrible. No banding, just very washed out colours.
    I'm wondering if I'm missing something in the settings (from imac), but even with 'vivid' engaged in the print settings the colours are massively washed out compared to my humble old Epsom DX4400. Some earlier brothers had an ink 'eco' setting, does this have anything like that to cause my problem? Cheers

  8. Audi Tanu Putra

    Hi there, thanks for the review.! i'm thinking of getting this for printing both documents and photos, but you mentioned that this isn't really for photos? Some reviews i saw online says photo printing is good, have you tried printing photos on quality photo papers? Thanks.

  9. +Geekanoids Have you got any paper jams with your printer? I am thinking about buying that model to my father because he prints a ton of reports every single day and what my father hates about my printer is that it takes forever to warm up and start printing. (He uses my printer to print his reports.) I have a Brother MFC-L2740DW and I love it. but the downside is that it takes like 30 seconds to start printing.

  10. Great review dave 

  11. DPRK Travel Videos

    Brilliant review

  12. Cool printer, impressive speed as well. Brother does make great business printers , I do not recall them making any that produces good quality photos. Another  excellent video Dave.

  13. I have a very similar brother printer but a slightly older version..great printer but it does go through quite a lot of ink, mostly due to the  cleaning cycles that happen every time you turn it on and before it prints..I bought refillable cartridges so not a big deal.

  14. Steve W (The Wright Times)

    Nice printer. Bit out of my price range but still nice.